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Bed bug problems are becoming more common throughout the United States. These pests can be difficult to eradicate once they take hold, so it is important to hire a professional to handle the problem for you. Sage Pest Control is home to qualified technicians that can get rid of the bed bugs in your 回家,这样你就能睡个好觉了. At Sage, we can help get 不管你在不在,都要清除臭虫 Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro或周边地区.

如果你怀疑有臭虫问题, call (704) 413-3398 for an experienced Charlotte bed bug control expert to eliminate the issue 提供你需要的服务.


Bed bugs may be brought into your home by visitors or your own family. Often, people accidentally bring bed bugs home from vacation, as they 越来越多地出现在酒店里. 为了避免床虱,去酒店 reviews and stay away from any place that has reports of bed bugs. When staying in a hotel, keep your luggage off the bed and floor, don’t use the dresser, and inspect the room for signs of bugs when you arrive. Be sure to check the mattresses, bed frames, and around the bed, outlets, 以及画框来显示问题的迹象.


Bed bugs get their name from the place where they are commonly found. Because these pests feed on human blood, they are generally found in the areas where people sleep. 这些虫子被二氧化碳所吸引 是在你睡觉时被呼出的吗. 当它们咬人时,它们会注入唾液 会在咬过你的地方留下痒痕吗. The appearance of the Welts是指很多人发现自己有问题.


由于一些原因,臭虫很难根除. Each female bug can lay more than 500 eggs per year and the adults can go a whole year without a meal. 这些虫子可以飞到100英尺外寻找宿主 to feed on and they will begin to move through the home or building, infesting other areas. 它们就是这样从一间客房蔓延到整个房间的 an entire hotel.


Using the right products and maintaining attention to detail are key to getting rid of bed bugs. You get both when you work with the Charlotte bed bug control pros at Sage Pest Control. 我们开发了一种独特而高效的检查方法 以及消除臭虫的处理流程.

The first step in the bed bug treatment process is a detailed and thorough 检查以确定床虱的存在.

因为臭虫非常小,而且非常擅长隐藏,我们 pest control experts carefully check in crevices between carpets and walls, outlet covers, behind loose wallpaper, in light fixtures, and all other areas to ensure that we find and treat every place the pests are hiding. Once we have determined that your pest problem is bed bugs, we offer the 最好最安全的消除它们的产品. 今天给夏洛特臭虫控制小组打个电话 (704) 413-3398 or contact us online to schedule a bed bug inspection for your home.


Bed bugs are more active in the summer months, with the peak season occurring between June and October. 臭虫在炎热潮湿的环境中繁殖,这就是为什么它们 在一年中最热的月份更活跃. This means that bed bugs are feeding and breeding more often, making bed bugs more of 夏天的一个问题. 越多的人患臭虫的风险就越大 travel, which is another reason summer is a peak time for bed bug infestations.

尽管如此,臭虫实际上并没有在冬天灭绝. Since they are indoor pests, they continue to breed throughout the year and can infest 即使在天气较冷的月份也有床. 在冬天旅行的人 months should take precautions to avoid bed bug problems, just like they would in the summertime.

Summer vs. Winter Seasons

Many people associate summer as the season to watch out for bed bugs. There are good reasons for that, but you should know that bed bugs don’t 在冬天就会死去. 所以你可能还在问,做臭虫像 heat or cold? In short, they like both! 老实说,是臭虫泛滥 任何天气都可能需要专业人员的帮助. So in reality, bed bugs 是一个全年都要注意的问题吗.

Summer Bed Bugs

Bed bugs thrive in temperate climates all over the world, particularly in tropical regions and the Southern United States (although there are reports in all 50 states). 如果你要去另一个国家旅行 during the summer, check the furniture for signs of bed bugs before sitting or lying down. 满是臭虫的家具可能会有红色的污渍, 黑斑,或小鸡蛋和蛋壳在折痕.

If you buy furniture from a summer garage sale, be sure to check for bed 把碎片带回家之前的虫子. 你也可以降低患 bed bugs on your furniture by using a protective mattress cover, vacuuming 经常,定期洗床单.

Winter Bed Bugs

Despite what many people believe, bed bugs aren’t hibernating or 在冬季完全休眠. 臭虫栖息在室内, 加热器使房子一年四季都暖和的地方. They will continue to 只要有人类赖以为生就会繁殖. Bed bugs do tend to have a slower metabolism in the winter months, which may mean they are biting less often. 他们也不太可能从一个地方旅行到另一个地方 因为他们在温暖的室内更舒服.

To prevent bed bug infestations in the winter months, keep your indoor 温度低于77度. 这将减缓繁殖周期和减少 被臭虫咬的几率. 和你一样养成其他的好习惯 would in the summer, including washing sheets regularly and vacuuming often.


那么什么季节床虱最活跃呢? 臭虫更成问题 in the summer months, but they are still something to look out for in the winter. 这是因为夏季的气候创造了最佳条件 以促进臭虫的繁殖,加快它们的生命周期.

寒冷的天气通常不能杀死臭虫. 即使臭虫是在室内 pests, they can survive the winter months even if they are outside. They may have a slower metabolism and slower life cycle, but even bed bug eggs are resistant to cold. 需要长时间暴露在高温下 在零度以下,臭虫才会在寒冷中死去.

Even though bed bugs thrive in the heat, they can be killed using heat bed bug treatment. 这是用一个特殊的加热盒来完成的,加热所有的东西 inside it up to a temperature that will adequately kill bed bugs. So, 床虫喜欢热的还是冷的? 答案是他们可以生存下来 但它们在高温下繁殖得更快.


床虱经常进入你家 after you’ve been traveling to hotels or hostels in other cities or countries. 它们可以在没有。的情况下附着在手提箱,人和宠物上 有人注意到就太晚了.

Protect Your Charlotte Home From Bed Bugs by Taking These Precautions When You Travel:

  • Research your hotel. 阅读网上评论,寻找任何关于床的报告 bugs. 不要住在一个评价很差的地方.
  • Inspect your room by using a flashlight and magnifying glass to check the mattresses.
  • 把你的行李放在塑料袋里. 这将防止臭虫锁住 在酒店的时候放在你的手提箱上.
  • Use a luggage rack to keep luggage off the floor and away from the bed.
  • Put all of your clothes directly into the laundry and wash them as soon 当你旅行回来的时候.
  • Store your suitcase in the garage or basement, not in your bedroom.

为了全面治疗夏洛特的臭虫, Durham, Greensboro, Concord, Raleigh, Gastonia, and the surrounding areas, you can rely on Sage Pest Control. Call (704) 413-3398 today!

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